Velvele is a 16mm film by Anil Eraslan about the music played by Merve Salgar on the tanbur (Ottoman luth) and Anil Eraslan (cello). Velvele means beating the usuls of Ottoman/Turkish music and dividing them into sections.

Merve Salgar

Merve Salgar

is a musician and performer of a traditional instrument, the “tanbur”.
She spends her life between Strasbourg, Berlin and Istanbul. Their musical practices move on the border between traditional and improvised music. She takes part in various projects in different countries.

Anıl Eraslan

Anıl Eraslan is a cellist, composer and improviser and works in various musical projects between Berlin, Paris, Strasbourg and Istanbul. From traditional Anatolian music to experimental, loud and free music, he multiplies his experiences with ensembles such as Klub Demboh, Trickster Orchestra, Eponj, Racines, H’, Sousta Politiki and many other creative musicians from all over the world. As a filmmaker, he is currently working on his first documentary film about the free improvisation scene in Istanbul.