The degradation of migration, complex biographies and the increasing threat to a pluralistic, open society are becoming drastically and threateningly apparent before our eyes. Perspectives of People of Color and people whose families or who have immigrated themselves are missing from the public discourse, although their representation and presence are urgently needed and have been overdue for decades.

In response to these conditions, the Trickster Orchestra will perform the world premiere of the work UNSETTLING SOUNDS. The Berlin ensemble develops new collective improvisation concepts and explores trans-traditional sound as a way of expressing emotional states of unsettledness, perceived threat and speechlessness. The focus is on which forms of sound and space can be combined with feelings of insecurity: What sound language can make persistent violence and experienced dehumanization heard? With its global instrumentation and transcultural richness of language and timbre, the Trickster Orchestra, which was recently included in the “Excellent Orchestral Landscape Germany”, highlights the massive threat to post-migrant, diverse life in Germany. The improvisations fall under concepts such as failure, exclusion, dead end and dysfunctionality. The staging in the AEG industrial hall in Oberschöneweide reduces the possibilities of finding a foothold and locating sound sources: acoustic changes of perspective, movement and the questioning of the relationship between musicians and listeners disorientate and open up the listening space.

UNSETTLING SOUNDS uses the paradigm of insecurity to develop acoustic forms that combine new music with an active approach to social conditions – a musical outcry for more hearing, presence and solidarity.

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Trickster Orchestra

The Trickster Orchestra performs in changing line-ups and sizes. His collective includes outstanding musicians and singers from genres such as electronic and new music, global classical music traditions, jazz, early music, weird pop and free improvisation.

The ensemble does not merely juxtapose these, but develops collective forms of development at eye level in order to find a contemporary musical language of radical diversity. Based on the conviction that today’s artistic practice can no longer be divided into categories of the 19. and The Trickster Orchestra creates a new music that transcends separate genres and cultures. Traditions and skills become tools for imitative improvisation, which allows for musical innovation. In this way, the orchestra opens up completely new sound experiences.