It is a solo concert
It is a solo art exhibition
It is a live drawing performance

PROCESSING is about processing trauma
Creating awareness of disabilities
The juxtaposition of ideas and references
An overlay of sound and image

Don’t worry if you’re not interested in any of this. If you just want to be there for some wicked modular synthesizer patches or Büyükberber’s unmistakable clarinet playing – even then you won’t regret spending an hour of your life here!


PROCESSING explores our complex and multi-layered emotional reactions, which often contradict one or more pieces of information that we have anchored in our minds. Because these messages often contradict each other, the inevitable paradoxical nature of our response causes us to become agitated, and what needs to be processed becomes more than just what triggers us when we react to our response. This applies to all people, but people with disabilities experience it with particular intensity, as their perception is often very different from that of people without disabilities.
As a multidisciplinary artist and 95% blind person, Oğuz Büyükberber aims to create a safe space to explore personal trauma in an expressive way while raising awareness of the broad spectrum of disabilities and their impact on the perception of reality and thus communication. Reflecting on his own distorted and very limited vision, Büyükberber overlays gestures, textures and ideas in this ever-evolving, eclectic story full of juxtaposed references.


Oğuz Büyükberber’sartistic style is a fusion of contemporary composition, jazz and influences from his Turkish origins.
His work includes over 50 albums, a book on improvisation, exhibitions of his visual art and numerous university lectures.
He feels most comfortable composing and improvising in an ultra-modern avant-garde environment. Be it acoustic, electronic or something in between.