OUMUAMUA is a dialogical experiment that investigates the extent to which our perception of musical traditions and even of sounds can be freed from restrictive cultural attributions and evaluations.

Through a radical change of perspective, it creates completely unknown sound (dis)orders for humans, on the basis of which a new hierarchy-free, anarchic, post-anthropocentric communication between the sound sculpture and its counterpart becomes possible. OUMUAMUA is a sound archive that collects sounds and stories that people share with it, and at the same time a digital musical instrument.

In interaction with the musicians and through the impulses of the audience, a completely new, constantly changing tonal grammar is created. In interaction with OUMUAMUA, human sounds, movements and touches compose new acoustic and performative forms of expression – a post-anthropocentric reflection of our world.

Become part of this experiment and share your most precious stories, your most secret wishes or your most beautiful sounds with OUMUAMUA.




Susanne Fröhlich – Flute

Miako Klein – Flute

Oğuz Büyükberber – clarinet

Marc Sinan – Guitar

Marc Sinan – Composition & Artistic Direction

Holger Kuhla – Dramaturgy

Mirko Borscht – Video Werkstattkollektiv – Equipment

Gerriet K. Sharma – Sound Design IKO

Karsten Lipp – Sound Design

Hannes Hölzl, Florian Guist – Interaction sensor technology