Oriel Quartet with Schulz & Söhne

Tenacious String Quartet Meets Live Percussion Techno. Plus Sculptures.

Founded at the Royal College of Music in London, the Oriel Quartet has been active on the Berlin music scene for over 10 years. As an extremely experimental string quartet, it moves from its classical home far into other musical fields and constantly expands its horizons in collaborations with other musicians.
The band Schulz & Söhne is a permanent fixture on the Berlin electro scene. Since 2006, the classically trained musicians have been playing a kind of “live percussion techno” on an unusual range of instruments. A wild collection of percussion instruments made from scrap metal and discarded everyday objects are used – escalator steps, steel springs, canisters and coconuts are made to sound. At this concert, the music of Schulz & Söhne meets works by the composer and sculptor Hans W. Eichholz, who died in 2018, and Louis Andriessen.
The Oriel Quartet will perform works by Eichholz for string quartet and vibraphone as well as an arrangement of Andriessen’s Workers Union for string quartet. Sculptures by Eichholz will also be exhibited in the hall for the concert. For his works, Eichholz used flotsam and other found objects made of wood and metal that bear the traces of a previous life. Visual art and music showcase what has been thrown away and left lying around. Eichholz’s works, in combination with the techno beats and the rugged materiality of the unusual percussion instruments, tell of the transformation of waste products from our consumer and throwaway society into unique works of art.

More info: https://www.orielquartett.com/home