With “Grande Massa D’Água”, the duo present insights into their new album of the same name, which embodies a sonic journey carried by the subtle dynamics between the electronic sounds of Carla Boregas and the jazzy improvised percussion of Mauricio Takara. Their music, a lively mixture of abstract improvisation and driving rhythm, reflects a fascinating yet delicate world of sound inspired by the elemental nature of water.

On stage, Boregas and Takara unfold a multi-layered palette of coordinated sound constructions that take the audience on a dynamic, audiovisual journey. The gentle yet haunting sounds invite you to let yourself be carried by the water – through a world of raw and beguiling beauty.

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Carla Boregas and Mauricio Takara, both from São Paulo, have been living in Berlin since 2018, where they form a musical duo. Their works, a mixture of drums and synthesizers, combine Boregas’ ethereal electronics with Takara’s jazzy, improvised percussion and move between abstract improvisation and dynamic rhythm. Her critically acclaimed album “Linha D’Água” was released by Desmonta (BR) and Bokeh Versions (UK). Takara plays drums in the bands Hurtmold and São Paulo Underground, together with trumpeter Rob Mazurek, and is a member of Rakta. He has played on international stages such as Sonar, Saalfelden Jazz, Belgrade Jazz Festival and Club Transmediale and has collaborated with music legends such as Pharoah Sanders, Damo Suzuki, Yusef Lateef, Naná Vasconcelos, Prefuse 73 and Makoto Kawabata. Carla Boregas, an experimental electronic musician and sound artist, founded the cross-genre group Rakta in 2011 and has since been active in solo projects and collaborations as well as in musical contributions for dance and theater. She is also part of the transdisciplinary duo Fronte Violeta. Her most important appearances include the CTM Festival, the Danube Festival, POP Montreal, Roadburn, Novas Frequências and the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.