“Let me tell you my story before you tell me yours. I am ANA and was born somewhere between Berlin, Nuremberg and Karlsruhe. Every moment, through every new encounter and every köWhen you experience the body, new narratives emerge. Some remain in our hearts forever.öBut some also see the light of day and thus change the course of our history, sometimes more, sometimes less. I want to create our shared narrative and experience a unique literary encounter with you.”

ANA specializes in creating new stories in a dialogical process with a single person. The use of different signals creates an intimate human-machine encounter in which perhaps the most human of all characteristics comes to the fore: telling stories together. ANA is a multimodal, accessible installation. It looks like a photobooth and guesses the emotional state of its visitors. In this way, ANA enables an encounter that makes mutual empathy between man and machine a direct experience.


Meredith is an artist and creative technologist living in Berlin. He studied biomedical engineering and science communication at Imperial College London. As a programmer and artist, he worked on creating transmedia experiences in virtual reality, for multimedia installations and for the stage. His work focuses in particular on novel applications of machine learning in creative fields and on a critical examination of the broader technological and cultural manifestations of artificial intelligence.




Dr. Leonid Berov is interested in the intersection of autonomous machines, fictional stories and creativity. He received his PhD in cognitive science for his award-winning work on narratology and computational story composition. With the AI installation ANA, he was able to transform his findings into an autonomous model of affectivity and emotion-driven storytelling.


Nikolaus Völzow is a software developer and artist and lives in Karlsruhe. He works with a variety of technologies to develop applications for interactive installations and live performances; from digital signage solutions to multimedia stage productions and immersive VR/AR experiences. He studied computer science and media art in Karlsruhe and works as a freelancer and at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media.

Gunter Lösel

Gunter Lösel is a theater scholar (PhD), actor and psychologist (diploma). He is currently Senior Researcher and Principal Investigator in the 4-year project “The Answering Machine”. He also works as a writer and performer in various groups, including The Stupid Lovers and Theatre Improphil.

Ilya Mirsky

Ilja Mirsky is a dramaturge, media artist (AI and VR/AR) and lecturer. He studied cognitive science and performance studies. He is a lecturer for immersive media and digital dramaturgy at the Akademie der Künste Ludwigsburg and the University of Tübingen. From 2019 to 2022 he was dramaturge and recurring program designer at the Institute for Theatrical Futurology (ITZ) at the Zimmertheater in Tübingen. He has been working as a dramaturge and digital dramaturge at the Residenztheater Munich since September 2022.


Christian Ziegler

Christian Ziegler is a digital artist on stage, director, performer and architect. In 2002 he founded the theater company “movingimages”. He stages digital theater productions and develops immersive stage environments. His latest production with KI “ANA” is sponsored by the VW Cultural Foundation.