USINE unites the four Berlin-based soloists into a disturbing, dark and energetic body. Improvisations are reworked together into pieces that serve as the basis for song structures and worlds from which they emerge. USINE commissions new lyrics from international female writers and presents original anti-conservative rants with punk energy, with a freedom and relentlessness that is at the forefront of their sound. In December 2022, they released their second album “how it will be after” on KLAENG Records.

Max Andrzejewski

Max Andrzejewski is a composer and improvising drummer from Berlin. His energetic musical work moves between experimental jazz and contemporary art music. Andrzejewski studied jazz percussion at the MHS Cologne and the UdK Berlin. In 2013, he won the New German Jazz Award with his own band “Max Andrzejewskis Hütte” and released four albums.


James Banner

James Banner is an improvising musician and composer based in Berlin. He creates electronic and acoustic music with a focus on re-composition and post-production, often as a protest against conservatism, British colonialism and contemporary isolationist politics. He also writes his own lyrics, and the impetus for his work is driven by a DIY and grassroots approach rooted in his working class background.


Declan Forde

Declan Forde is a pianist and improviser from Glasgow who has been living in Berlin since 2014 and feels at home in all musical genres. In addition to collaborations with various other artists, Forde also performs solo and has been touring with Scottish singer and artist Rachel Sermanni for over ten years.


Cansu Tanrıkulu

Cansu Tanrıkulu is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and improviser based in Berlin. She is known for her shape-shifting music, which is based on unusual, often elusive themes. In addition to singing, she plays synthesizer and guitar and occasionally complements her unique voice with electronics.