UNKOWN FRACTURES is a group exhibition and serves as a platform for various artists to create a protected space far away from conceptual art where creative people can present and express their ideas.

“Expression is what our artistic work is all about: turning our souls outwards – sharing completely different views and opinions together, which are then reflected in the feelings of the viewers and provoke a reaction. Inspiration and humility are forgotten words in the cosmos of “inspiration and copycats”. We steal everything from everyone and create our own art from it. With UNKOWN FRACTURES, we want to focus on artistic exchange and show how cross-disciplinary creative collaboration works and what fruit it bears.”

UNKOWN FRACTURES brings together visual artists, musicians and designers who reflect the diversity lived in Berlin.


Sergio Ben Mario

Sergio Ben Mario is a Berlin-based self-taught painter with Portuguese and Angolan roots. His art reflects his personal and family background. Moments from the past meet perspectives from the immediate present and come together in large collages that primarily tell of his personal life. He has also worked as a videographer and model for brands such as Adidas, Alpha Industrie and Mercedes Benz.



Diebo is a Berlin artist whose work embodies the soul of the city. Inspired by a combination of the structured rules of calligraphy and the rebellious freedom of graffiti, he creates captivating compositions that reflect the vibrant energy of his surroundings. With his background in fashion, Diebo has achieved considerable success by presenting his writing at prestigious fashion shows such as Milan and Paris Fashion Week with the 44 LABEL GROUP brand.


Fr1tz Elsmann

Fr1tz Elsmann is a renowned photographer and video director. With his unique, raw style, he captures subcultural influences from music culture, fashion and motorsport. His pictures and videos inspire with their high-contrast compositions, intense colors and strong shadows.


Marija Karimova

Marija Karimova is a Swiss fashion designer and lives in Berlin. Her diverse Eastern European roots give the fashion designer a broad range of cultural influences and freedoms. The designer’s identity combines a timeless homage to the strength of a human being with the problems of our time such as media overload, racism and misogyny.


Marlon Nikolais

The early loss of his mother and the responsibility of his own fatherhood mark Marlon Nikolai’s biography. His understanding of art is characterized by an open process, improvisation and randomness. He completed his basic training in painting with Leif Skoglöf, studied communication design at the HAW Hamburg and received a scholarship to the École des Beaux Arts in France in 2021.


Felix Keiler

Felix Keiler is a painter and musician from Berlin. In his lively mixed-media and appliqué works, he abstracts the Berlin street art scene and mixes it with fragments, thoughts and symbolism from his everyday life.
Inspired by the walls of houses, pub toilets and diaries, his series “The Cure”, which has already been exhibited several times, is constantly changing.



Nemo Lienau