FrauVonDa is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an international project.

On research trips, FrauVonDa dived, listened, marveled and asked: How much do we know about the Baltic Sea, its inhabitants and how can we approach their subjective environments? The artists researched the sensory perception of marine animals, spoke to marine and aquatic biologists about the millennia-old sturgeon and about symbiotic community structures between bladderwrack, plankton and schools of fish.

An aquarium can be cleaned, the ocean cannot. The world looks healthy above water, but not below. Sometimes, when things get out of balance, what has kept the balance breaks. And can never be restored.
(Tony Cederberg, Biologiska Station Husö)

Together with musicians from Finland, Åland, Germany and Iran, FrauVonDa combines her artistic explorations and scientific research to create a new transmedia narrative of a TERRAPOLIS Baltic Sea (D. Haraway) worth living in – focusing on those who have not yet been told and on what has not yet been told. They process the acoustic, tactile and visual phenomena of the Baltic Sea in text, video, free improvisation and composition.
The commissioned works by Tomi Räisänen and Amen Feizabadi address concepts such as diversity, resilience and the idea of a community that encompasses all critters. The cycles for percussion, double bass/e-bass, kantele, live electronics and two mezzo-sopranos are combined in the concert with free, cross-genre improvisation. Nature Writing by Michaela Vieser and Isaac Yuen and the visual art designed by Nicolas Wiese and Johan Karrento are part of this idiosyncratic artistic community as independent ensemble partners.


Claudia van Hasselt & Nicolas Wiese, Artistic Direction / Field Recordings, Sound/ Visual Art – Michaela Vieser & Isaac Yuen, Nature Writing/Libretto – Tomi Räisänen & Amen Feizabadi, Composition – Ferdinand Breil, Sound Art – Johan Karrento, Video – Casper Lindroos, Field Recordings/ Sound Art – Elham Korda & Claudia van Hasselt, dramaturgy – Golnar Shahyar, voice – Claudia van Hasselt, voice – Nicolas Wiese, visual art – Casper Lindroos, live electronics – Ferdinand Breil, live electronics – Eva Alkula, kantele – Daniel Eichholz, percussion – Roland Fidezius, double bass & electric bass – Neo Hülcker, narrator* – Ida Kronholm, kulning/herd singing – Jakob Grasböck, lighting design

Other parties involved

Jonathan Richter, sound engineer – Katja Kettner, production manager – Sarah Papadopoulou, production assistant – Mattis van Hasselt, assistant director

Scientists: Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark & Petra Granholm, Ålands Fredsinstitut, Jörn Gessner/ Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries Berlin, Victor Neumann/ West University of Timisoara.