Rhythm and Memory is an ongoing curatorial project by artist Miguel Buenrostro in which he collaborates with musicians, in order to seek points of encounter between musical worlds. On this night focused on percussion and deep listening, Laura Robles and Bo-Sung Kim will be in exchange of rhythms and journeys embedded in musical memory. Placing experimental percussion inspired by traditional oriental rhythms in tandem with a flow of afro-peruvian rhythms, this performative session is intended to stimulate questions of migration, earth remembrance and dissolution of boundaries in music. 

Rhythm & Memory on Pantopia Music:

Miguel Buenrostro

Miguel Buenrostro is a Berlin-based artist and music curator from Tijuana, Mexico. His work reflects on the state of the border as a site of knowledge production and networking. He focuses on listening practices, cinema, and performative gestures in public space. His work has been shown most recently at the Bauhaus Museum, Weimar (2020), Musée National de la Rd Congo (2021) and Konsthall C, Stockholm (2022). His films have been shown at various film festivals (Foro de Cine Etnográfico en México), exhibitions and public screenings. Buenrostro is the creator of Cosmoaudiciones, an art project that re-socializes music from the Berlin Phonogramm Archive through listening exercises and musical improvisations in public spaces.

Laura Robles

Laura Robles is an improviser, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and researcher born in Swaziland and raised in Lima, Peru. She will unfold what she calls „anti-groove” deriving from many years of analysis of Folk rhythms with a strong focus on Afro-Peruvian folklore. The “anti-groove ”creates new possibilities of expression in modern jazz and improvised music. 

Bo-Sung Kim

Bo-Sung Kim born in South Korea and raised in Berlin, Germany, studied Traditional Performing Arts at the Korean National University of Arts in Seoul, South Korea. As a musician and performer of both Korean traditional arts and cross-genre contemporary performances, she performs both solo and in various ensembles and formations throughout Europe.