or The Antipodean Crisis of the Subhuman Pig​

03 – 07.06.2021 // each 5 p.m. – 11 p.m

pigs! Hardly any animal has followed the development of Homo sapiens as closely as the pig. While dogs, cats and horses have always been partners in a deeply romanticized relationship with us, the pig always played the role of an unclean farm animal. What’s more, Pig functioned as a cheap embodiment of filthy inferior and snarling evil. In particular, his piggy sociable nature is deeply similar to ours. So pigs seem far and near to us at the same time. And even modern cultural studies have long recognized that pigs sometimes even appear as our doppelgangers. However, they are not human doubles, but rather ambassadors of something strange and uncanny that, hidden and repressed, nests in the unlit corners of every human being.

In a multimedia installation, eight artists act and reflect live, in attraction and repulsion, fusion and contradiction, stylistic break and elegance, the human in the pig and vice versa. Beyond the boundaries of taste and genre, the question arises: who is who?

In addition to the PIGWISE shows from June 3rd to 7th, there will be a PIGWISE SPECIAL on June 5th. In the approximately 20-minute forensic decomposition film PIG, Mirko Borscht meets Jörg Buttgereit and Mark Benecke.

The performative installation is accessible from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Secure entry is only possible for firmly booked time slots.
10 euros / reduced 8 euro
Tickets can now be booked in our online ticket shop. Remaining tickets are available at the box office.

Mirko Borscht // curation, video

Holger Kuhla // Dramaturgy

Lisa Fütterer // Room

Romy Cameroon // vocals

Aktomis (Jo Flüeler) // Composition

Ichi Go // Dance

Jessika-Katharina Möller-Langmaack // Acting

Yaroslav Schwarzstein // painting, objects

Christian Beck // Installation

+ Joker (pig cuddles)

Funded by a research grant from the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Capital Cultural Fund. Co-produced by Kunstfest Weimar.

Produced by YMUSIC GmbH:

Eric Nikodym // Production Manager

Wiebke Wesselmann // production coordination

Felix Seidel // Technical Management

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