For info see Festival Day 1


For info see Festival Day 1


LAUNCH of the new ONLINE PLATFORM for Pantopic Music

CDs and vinyl are versatile media in which, in addition to the music, covers, texts and images are also part of the overall work of art. How can this complexity be brought into the digital space? What can new forms of representation, mediation and production look like? The PANTOPIA MUSIC project deals with these and other questions and explores and publishes contemporary transtraditional music forms. It will be presented here for the first time as part of the festival.


PANTOPIA MUSIC produces digital albums for contemporary global music and digitally frames them with numerous media. Both archive material and new compositions created in connection with the project will be presented. This project is supported by close collaboration with renowned archives and cooperation with numerous radio stations dedicated to the cultivation of specific musical cultures in many places around the world. In addition, PANTOPIA MUSIC works closely with curators and musicians from different places who not only have a feel for the respective local music scenes.


In Transit means to be on the way, or to be in transit. In this concert, long forgotten cultures and traditions are transported – pieces by anonymous composers from the 13th to 15th centuries, performed on contemporary recorders, enter into a dialogue with the traditional musical language of the Kazakh shaman Ulzhan Baibussynova.

Susanne Fröhlich is a recorder player and, in addition to early and traditional music, devotes herself primarily to contemporary music, improvisation and new concert formats. She regularly gives concerts and workshops in Europe and abroad. As a former founding member of the recorder quartet QNG – Quartet New Generation, she performs both as a soloist and in various formations, as well as in several art and music theatre productions, including with Saâdane Afif, Ari Benjamin Meyers, andcompany&Co, Constanza Macras and Opera Lab Berlin. She has performed in numerous world premieres at world-renowned concert halls and festivals, including with Ensemble Adapter, Figura Ensemble, Ictus Ensemble, Marc Sinan Company and Trickster Orchestra. Fröhlich has won numerous international competitions and scholarships. In October 2019, she completed her artistic-scientific research project on “The New Potential of a Recorder in the 21st Century” at the Kunstuniversität Graz with distinction and was awarded the “Award of Excellence 2020” by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research. In 2021 she received scholarships from the Musikfonds Berlin and the Akademie der Künste Berlin. In 2022 she was a prize-winner at the German Jazz Award and the TONALi Musikaward with the Trickster Orchestra.


5-25 musicians from the Ruhr area form the group The Dorf and are enthusiastic about a mix of jazz and experimental music. The concert will take place on the opposite side of the Kaisersteg, after which the group will meet the musicians of the PANTOPIA Festival. There will be music for everyone to join in, by Fred Rzewski and Pauline Oliveros, led by flutist Susanne Fröhlich.

The love, joy, openness, curiosity, diversity, spirituality, depth and warmth with which we want to experience and make music of all places and paradigms together, now and in the future, is what we call PANTOPIANA.


“Music for Missing Butterflies” is committed to the present, looking to the past and into an uncertain future. The programme focuses on works by ex-Yugoslav, ex-Soviet composers of all generations, including world premieres and German premieres of works by Ana Gnjatovic, Daria Andovska, Gabriel Prokofiev, David Mastikosa, Vladimir Trmcic, a premiere by Marc Sinan, as well as 20th century masterpieces by Dmitri Sostakovich and Peteris Vasks. Although written at radically different times, each of these compositions can be read as a response to our present, to states of the human mind and heart and their qualities of facing uncertainty with an unconditional will to struggle, resilience, resistance, adaptation, acceptance, fear, confrontation, forgiveness, but also their capacities for creation and rebirth. For over 17 years, Sasa Mirkovic has led the ensemble Metamorphosis, a string orchestra that literally explodes with energy. The ensemble has dedicated itself to the performance of contemporary music but also realises highly condensed concerts of classical music such as the performance of Mozart’s Requiem and string orchestra works by Shostakovich, Vasks, etc. Hardly any other ensemble works so closely with the contemporary composers of the former Yugoslavia, on location, in an environment which, in addition to the passion and refinement of musical training and a widespread love of music and art, also involves great economic, political and social adversity.

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Saša Mirković, who has been described by critics as the best Serbian violist and a charismatic artist, is active as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician, as well as an educator and concert promoter. Born in 1980 in Čačak, he attended the School of Musical Talent in Ćuprija and subsequently graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He was a member and principal violist of the Norwegian Youth Orchestra (Elverum), the German-Scandinavian Orchestra (Berlin) and the World Youth Peace Orchestra (Stockholm). During his studies he won numerous awards, including special prizes for the performance of contemporary music. The latest in a series of valuable recognitions for his work came in January 2017, when Saša Mirković was declared the winner of the 2016 Music Classics Award in the Male Soloist of the Year category. In the same year, Sasa Mirković received the “Aleksandar Pavlovic” Award of the Serbian Composers’ Association for the best performance and presentation of contemporary Serbian music.


In their highly intense way, the two exceptional artists embark on an experiment to celebrate moments, transience and coincidences. With soundscapes partly pre-produced by Lillinger around Kuljić’s texts, the two present their ideas of utopia and dystopia. Energetic and powerful, yet at the same time delicate and restrained – a performance full of contrasts and the perfect conclusion to a weekend full of pantopic music.

Christian Lillinger started playing the drums at the age of 13 and began studying at the Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden at 16. Since 2011, he has been part of the ensemble DELL-LILLINGER-WESTERGAARD (DLW), which explores multi-perspective-structural compositions and their multi-dimensionalities. In 2017, Lillinger was awarded the SWR Jazz Prize and in the same year founded the studio project “OPEN FORM FOR SOCIETY”, which was awarded the German Record Critics’ Prize. His label PLAIST has been active since 2018 and is dedicated exclusively to avant-garde contemporary music, including “Klavierstück VI” by Karlheinz Stockhausen, “Über die Linie” by Wolfgang Rihm, “Boulez Materialism” by DBLW and BEATS (DLW).

Jelena Kuljić, born in Serbia in 1976, graduated in jazz vocals from the Jazz Institute Berlin in 2008. In addition to her band “Yelena K & The Love Trio”, she initiated other projects such as “Y Move” (Minor Music, 2006), Marc Sinan’s “Fasil” (ECM, 2009), “KUU!” (ACT music) and “Z-Country Paradise”(Z-Paradise Records, 2015). In 2021 her band KUU! was nominated for the German Jazz Award as Band of the Year, in 2022 she received the same award as Female Vocalist of the Year. As a musician and actress, she has worked primarily with director David Marton and appeared in his productions of “Wozzeck” (Volksbühne Berlin, 2007), “Das wohltemperierte Klavier (Schaubühne Berlin, 2012), as well as “Harmonia Caelestis” (Burgtheater Vienna, 2008), among others. She recently worked with director Constanza Macras (Dorky Park) in “Forest: The Nature of Crisis” (2013) and “On Fire” (2015). Jelena Kuljić has been a permanent ensemble member of the Münchner Kammerspiele since the 2015/16 season.


For info see Festival Day 1



Werke von Anthony Akinbola, Louis Cameron, Ryan Cosbert, Keltie Ferris, Tomashi Jackson, Stephanie Lüning, Chris Martin, David Reed, Tariku Shiferaw, Joan Snyder, Sylvia Snowden / Zean Cabangis & JC Jacinto Ausstellung

Place: Exhibition hall of the Reinbeckhallen

11:00 – 20:00 // A POUND OF PICTURES


Place: Reinbeckhallen

Ab 14:00 // SURVIVAL

Von Marc Sinan Installation

Place: Spreehalle


Interactive Listening Station

Place: Terrace of the industrial salon

LAUNCH of the new ONLINE PLATFORM for Pantopic Music

18:00 – 18:30 // IN TRANSIT

Ulzhan Baibussynova & Susanne Fröhlich Konzert

Place: Exhibition hall of the Reinbeckhallen

18:30 – 19:15 // PANTOPIANA

Musicians of Pantopia Festival // Participatory concert

Place: Exhibition hall of the Reinbeckhallen


Ensemble Metamorphosis led by Saša Mirković // with Jelena Kuljić

Place: Great Hall of the “Altes Kraftwerk”


Kuljić & Lillinger Duo Concert

Place: Small hall of the “Altes Kraftwerk”



Place: Spreewiese

Tickets are available at the box office or through the event partner Kino-Union.

The PANTOPIA FESTIVAL is a project of the Marc Sinan Company and YMUSIC, with the kind support of the Industriesalons eV, the Reinbeckhallen, BaseCamp, the Kiosk Schönewelle and the Café Schöneweile as part of the Kultursommerfestival Berlin 2022.

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