12/17/2022 // 6:00 PM

12 euros / reduced 8 Euro tickets can now be booked in our online ticket shop. Remaining tickets are available at the box office.​

OUMUAMUA is a dialogic experiment that explores the extent to which our perception of musical traditions and even sounds can be liberated from constricting cultural attributions and evaluations.
Through a radical change of perspective, it creates sound (dis)orders completely unknown to humans, on the basis of which a new hierarchy-free, anarchic, post-anthropocentric communication between the sound sculpture and its counterpart becomes possible. OUMUAMUA is a sound archive that collects sounds and stories that people share with it, and at the same time a digital musical instrument.
In interaction with the musicians and through the impulses of the audience, a completely new, constantly changing sonic grammar is created. The human sounds, movements and touches compose new acoustic and performative expressions in interaction with OUMUAMUA – a post-anthropocentric reflection of our world.
Become part of this experiment and share your most precious stories, your most secret wishes or your most beautiful sounds with OUMUAMUA.

Marc Sinan (Artistic Director)

Mirko Borscht (Video)

Gerriet K. Sharma (Soundart)

Karsten Lipp (sound design)

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