In the digital sphere, glitch refers to a disturbance of information: a distorted image, a stagnant video. GLITCH CHOIR transfers the phenomenon of the glitch into the analog space. At the center of the piece is the recomposition of a lament through glitching. Historically, public mourning has mostly been performed by women, so-called lamenters. For a fee, they give emotional expression to the grief of others for the deceased. Women in particular are allowed – and attributed – glitches from the private to the public sphere. The performers dedicate themselves to the collective body of mourning by creating a space of intimate multi-resonance. In the vocal distortion, which is already inherent in the lament, a transformation of grief into a common glitch takes place. What kind of chorus is created in the dissonance of frequencies?


choreography & concept by Deva Schubert
performance by Chihiro Araki, Deva Schubert & guests
created with Emilie Gregersen
composition & sound design by Ben Meerwein
dramaturgy & research by Lotta Beckers & Jette Büchsenschütz
costume & stage by Ama Tomberli
assistance by Carla-Frieda Nettelnbreker
production by Wiebke Wesselmann

Chihiro Araki

Chihiro Araki is a Berlin-based dancer and performance artist. After her studies at the Tokyo Ballet School and a BA at the Rambert School in London, she worked with Carte Blanche (NO) and Johannes Wieland Company (DE). In 2021, she received the Young Talent Award from the Fördergesellschaft Staatstheater Kassel. As a freelancer, Chihiro has worked with choreographers such as Alban Richard, Jenny Beyer, Helena Waldmann, Meg Stuart and Deva Schubert.


Emilie Gregersen

Emilie Gregersen (she/her) is a dancer and choreographer who was born in Denmark and lives in Berlin. Emilie is co-founder of Dance Cooperative – an artist-run house and platform for dance and performing arts in Copenhagen. She has a degree in dance and choreography from the Danish School of Performing Arts and has been producing her own works such as “Touch and Caresses” since 2018. Emilie has worked with Sergiu Matis, Jefta van Dinther, Marie Topp, Tina Tarpgaard and Andros Zins-Browne, among others.


Deva Schubert

Deva Schubert is a Berlin-based artist, dancer and choreographer. She studied fine arts at the Kunsthochschule Kassel and dance and choreography at the HZT Berlin and in Copenhagen. In her work, she explores the dynamics of interactions and combines dance and voice with various technologies as performative tools at the interface of installations, digital media and performances.


Ben Leo Meerwein

Ben Leo Meerwein studied composition, music theory, electroacoustic music and philosophy at the University of Leipzig, at the HMT Leipzig and at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. In his artistic work, he deals with the interface between composition/improvisation and performativity, mostly using electro-acoustic means.