Eternal Procession:Tomi Lebrero (bandoneonist) and Segundo Bercetche (musician and filmmaker) would like to continue their “Eternal Procession”, an audiovisual performance about the musical, political and ecological journey of the bandoneon and open questions about its possible future. The bandoneon was invented in Germany around 1840. According to Astor Piazzolla, this musical instrument was originally developed for religious processions. At the end of the 19th century, it was brought to Buenos Aires, where it was eventually used in brothels and cabarets and gave rise to today’s tango. One hundred years after Piazzolla’s birth, they will attempt to reconnect with the origins of this instrument, which found its way to Argentina from Germany. In 2017, Lebrero and Bercetche undertook a journey on horseback through Argentina. The result is a documentary entitled “No va LLegar” (“He won’t make it”). This documentary is one of the previous steps that led us to this new project, as both have an original approach to tradition. In 2022, Lebrero and Bercetche wanted to undertake a journey on horseback through Germany and explore the origins of the instrument in Saxony and northwestphalia.

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Tomi Lebrero

Tomi Lebrero is a composer, guitarist, bandoneon player and singer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He belongs to a generation of musicians who are connected to rock through an acoustic aesthetic and is an important reference in the singer-songwriter scene that has defined Argentinian independent music over the last ten years. He performs either solo or with his band El Puchero Misterioso – a septet made up of elements such as double bass, Peruvian cajón and cello. In his music, he uses elements from early 20th century music such as tango and folklore, which have a strong lyrical character. His work also makes use of rock, folklore, psychedelic pop and telluric sounds. Anything is possible in his compositional universe. Lebrero’s songs depict everyday and unusual stories at the same time. These stories take place in landscapes that evoke the melancholy loneliness of the Argentinian pampas or the ironic squalor of any Latin American metropolis.

Segundo Bercetche

Segundo Bercetche is a musician and filmmaker. As a songwriter, he has released five albums to date under the name Siro Bercetche. He is a member of Lujo Asiático, a trio that is dedicated to electronic music but does without machines or computers and only uses a drum set, synthesizer and sampler. Lujo Asiático toured Japan in October and November 2017 and then returned with the vinyl edition of their first album. After initially producing video clips for himself, Bercetche ended up developing videos for more than twenty local and international artists. His work on the documentary Buenos Aires Rap (2014) awakened his love of documentary film. His film No va llegar (2017) shows the bandoneonist Tomi Lebrero on his epic journey through Argentina on horseback.