Eternal Procession:Tomi Lebrero (bandonenist) and Segundo Bercetche (musician and filmmaker) would like to continue their “Eternal Procession”, an audio visual performance about the musical, political and environmental journey of the bandoneon and open questions about its possible futures. The bandoneon was created in Germany around 1840. According to Astor Piazzolla, this musical instrument was originally developed for religious processions. By the end of the 19th century it was brought to Buenos Aires and it ended up being used in brothels and cabarets, giving birth to what we now know as Tango. One hundred years after Piazzolla’s birth, they will try to reconnect with the origins of this instrument that started in Germany and made its way to Argentina. In 2017, Lebrero and Bercetche made a horseback journey through Argentina. The result is a documentary film called “No va LLegar” (“He ain’t gonna make it”). This documentary is one of the previous steps that lead us into this new project, they both have an original approach on traditions. In 2022, Lebrero and Bercetche were planing to make a horseback trip through Germany and do a research about the origin of the instrument in Saxony and North WestPhalia.

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Tomi Lebrero

Tomi Lebrero is a songwriter and bandoneonist. He is part of a generation related to popular songs with an acoustic aesthetic. Reference of songwriting, his presentations could be as solo performer or with his group: a quartet with bass, drums keyboards, bandoneon and voices.In his compositions he put special care in lyrics, and in his music he combine’s genres from the beginning of the 20th century, such as tango and argentine folk music, with more recent genres such as rock, hip, hop and trap. In his work is also present the psicodelia and the performance has an important place.

Segundo Bercetche

Segundo Bercetche is a musician and filmaker from Buenos Aires. Has released 8 albums as a song-writer under the name of Siro Bercetche. Toured in Europe several times and opened American songwriter Jonathan Richman’s shows at Madrid and Barcelona in 2010.
Also a member of Lujo Asiatico, a trio that makes “electronic music” without machines or computers: only using a drum set, synthesizers, and samplers. Lujo Asiático toured through Japan in October and November of 2017, returning with the vinyl edition of their first album. In 2021, they released their second vinyl “Ganbare”. In 2022, they released “After Ashram”.