An interactive audio-visual installation

13.09.2020 // from 3 p.m

In cooperation with the Industriesalon Oberschöneweide, the Marc Sinan Company (MSC) and students from the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) developed an interactive audio-visual installation for the Spreehalle Berlin. ENERGY MATTERS deals with the topic “Humans as energy”. Within the installation, visitors are offered an immersive experience in which they can act as actors in the installation and initiate and shape transformation processes. Visitors move freely and freely through the space, while their spatial positions and movements are recorded by cameras and feature recognition and become the basis for the visualization and location-based playback of auditory content. The installation appeals to two senses: the visual – through the visualization of generative design – and the auditory sense – through the sound system developed by the Marc Sinan Company, the TRANSFORMATOR.

The ENERGY MATTERS installation will be presented for the first time as part of the “Elektropolis” series of events in the Spreehalle Berlin as part of the Open Monument Day.

A cooperation with students from the University of Applied Sciences (HTW), the Marc Sinan Company and the Industriesalon eV.

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Lisboa Waldburg, Anh Vu Nguyen, Jakob Sen

Scientific support:

Prof. Dr. Regina Friess (HTW)

Artistic & technical support:

Marc Sinan, Spreehalle Berlin, Industriesalon eV & Holger Kuhla

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