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A performative mixed reality installation for a drummer, five dancers, a car in live and virtual reality

09/18/2021 +19/09/2021 // Installation 4 – 7 p.m
Performances 15 + 20 hours

An old machine hall, it smells like wet moor. The men work in the hall. They operate computers and machines, they create the rhythm to which they dance. Women from the moor watch them, appear from the dark water and withdraw again. The women in the bog have portals that allow access to other worlds: to worlds where the men no longer set the pace, but are destroyed by women with dream mechanics.

When Katharina Haverich and her team began using an open call to look for interview partners who would like to talk about their aggressive dreams against men, a lot of aggression (from men) came back. One more reason to tighten the screws a little: in the electronic parts of the installation male rule ends. The artist draws on a self-created archive of real dreams of women in which they use violence against men. These are recreated hyper-realistically in virtual reality – the dreamed-of weapons and skills can be used by the visitors of the VR rooms and can destroy any man in these worlds.

With “…dreams about girls” Katharina Haverich constructs an open setting between two worlds. The possibility of creating immersive, self-determined and autonomous virtual worlds that do justice to something as intimate as dreams has only recently become possible. And: the visitors are given the active part here, because the change between the worlds takes place in a self-determined manner and at the end there is an invitation to manifest their own aggression on a man’s machine…

Installation 4 p.m. – 7 p.m

Performances 3 p.m. + 8 p.m

Timeslots for the installation every 30 minutes

Entry to installation: 5 euros / 3 euros

Admission performances: 12 euros / 8 euros

Katharina Haverich // artist

Philip Theurer // drums, composition

Roman Miletitch // Technical Artist

JASCHA&FRANZ // scenography

Julian Kamphausen // digital dramaturgy

Fidan Sirin // Choreography

Manuel Ruge // Image design

Leo Wolters // camera assistant

Hannes Bruun // film editor

Michael Hoppe / Thomas Wallmann // Sound artist and concept

Thomas Sevet // Lighting design

Christin Striegler – Studio Varo Design (Art Direction)

Merle Büttner // Photography (Video – Behind the Scenes)

Philip Bussmann // Video consultation

Arne Vogelgesang // video mix (live show)

Mathias Westebbe / Thomas Burkhardt // Technical implementation

Insa Wagner // Hair & Makeup Concept (Video)

Sharon Engelhardt // Hair & Makeup concept and execution (video)

Asma Abo Mostafa // Hair & Makeup Execution (Video)

MWB Theater- und Veranstaltungs GmbH // Technical implementation

Julius Brand // Set Runner

Lioba Breitsprecher, Laura Cornejo, Gabi Herz, Rebecca Korang, Sadie Lune, Alina Sokhna M’Baye, Geraldine Rummel, Alva Westebbe, Frida Zack // Actresses

Aboudi, Yasser Almaamoun, KAy Garnellen, Peter Stamer, Michael Zeeh // Dancers

Wayra Schuebel // PR

Maren Möhlenkamp // Project Management

Produced by YMUSIC GmbH

Funded by a research grant from the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Capital Cultural Fund. Co-produced by Kunstfest Weimar.

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