Schulz und Söhne is a Berlin music collective that produces “live percussion techno” with unusual instruments made from scrap metal. In their program SCHULD & SÜHNE, the four musicians develop precise beats and “analog techno” from handmade, improvised rhythms. They use a wild collection of percussion instruments made from scrap metal and discarded everyday objects such as escalator steps and steel springs. Canisters and coconuts are also instrumentalized and made to sound. The band, which performs exclusively as a live formation and has established itself as a permanent fixture in the Berlin music scene, is a regular guest at national and international music festivals such as Fusion, Melt, Garbicz and many more.

Daniel Eichholz

Daniel Eichholz studied classical percussion at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg and at the Hochschule für Musik “Hanns Eisler” Berlin. In addition to classical and contemporary music, he has been active for years in the electronic music scene and in the pop/rock sector as a live and studio drummer as well as a composer. He plays with 2raumwohnung, Squintaloo, Schulz und Söhne and has worked as a studio drummer for Marlon, Tenement and Tocotronic, among others.


Heinrich Schiffers

Heinrich Schiffers was born in Wolfsburg in 1978. He first learned to play the drums and later the guitar and saxophone. After graduating from high school, he studied concert guitar at the Hanns Eisler School of Music in Berlin. Since then he has been working as a freelance musician. He can be heard with the bands 2raumwohnung, Rüde&Bude, Schulz&Söhne and Squintaloo, among others.


Tomas Svensson

Tomas Svensson grew up in Sweden and has lived in Berlin since 1999, where he began studying jazz at the Udk to pursue his passion. He has played as a live drummer at over 500 concerts and is a studio musician for film music, DJ and solo artist and producer for techno/house. Schulz & Söhne is his passion project with which he can combine his different experiences in many different ways.


Jan Zimmermann

Jan Zimmermann was born in Wolfsburg in 1977 and has been working as an artist, musician and technician in Berlin since 2005. He has been part of the band Schulz und Söhne since 2007. He studied sound studies at the UDK and has performed as a solo artist at festivals such as Garage/ Stralsund, Placard ParisCTM Berlin Today Art NL, Mutec Montreal and others. He has also been working as a project developer at Floatingpoint since 2020.