BETHY TRIO | Performing Arts Festival

As part of the Performing Arts Festival, the Bethy Trio will be presenting the first excerpts from their performance.

A performer:inside trio on the floor of the Spreehalle, refracted in light, sound, costume and video. The production raises thepossibilityof a long trans-history and uses text fragments by Kathy Acker, Bettina von Arnim and Dodie Bellamy, among others. Her words deal with science and poetry, the individuality of the sexes and the forms of expression of overcoming Christian ideals of love. In doing so, they move between historical epochs.


FRZNTE// Anna Papathanasiou // Ivan Cheng

Director// Thilman Hecker

Costume // Lars Paschke

Sound // Thorsten Hoppe

Light // Scott Bolman