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17.06.2022 // 7.15 p.m.​



With the PANTOPIA FESTIVAL, the SPREEHALLE Berlin, together with the local partner institutions in Oberschöneweide, is opening a new series that celebrates the entire area around the Kaisersteg with an extraordinary international and transcultural program.

The entire weekend from June 17th to 19th, theater, performances, live concerts, exhibitions, guided tours, artist talks and DJanes can be experienced well into the evening.
Bars along the Spree and on the premises invite you to enjoy the energy of this new cultural district between industrial past and creative future.


How did we become what we are? The international female documentary theater project CLOUD DAUGHTERS asks itself this question.
The project was initiated by the KULA Compagnie, a transnational and multilingual theater that deals particularly with collective work and  artistic encounters. It is inspired by the so-called Kula ritual, a bartering system from New Guinea in which objects of social and cultural significance are exchanged and are symbolically charged by being passed on. In this way, the ritual becomes a message of appreciation, peace and understanding.
The feminist performance by CLOUD DAUGHTERS searches for new and old role models and uses all available means to resist the strengthening of the national and patriarchal. The role played by the mother figure can be experienced on the first evening of the PANTOPIA Festival.

Beatrice Fleischlin
Nadia Midigal
Hajnalka Peter

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19:15 - 20:00 // Coming Together

Eröffnung des Festivals

20:00 - 21:45 // Cloud Daughters

Regie: Jenke Nordalm Dramaturgie: Julie Paucker Mit: Beatrice Fleischlin, Hajnalka Peter, Nadia Migdal @SPREEHALLE

ab 22:00 // Pantopia Party

Die anschließende Aftershowparty wird zum Kampf- und Tanzplatz für weibliche Solidarität.

The PANTOPIA FESTIVAL is a project of the Marc Sinan Company and YMUSIC, with the kind support of the Industriesalons eV, the Reinbeckhallen, BaseCamp, the Kiosk Schönewelle and the Café Schöneweile as part of the Kultursommerfestival Berlin 2022.

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