A soundwalk on the industrial history of the Spreehalle

15.05.2021 // 15:00

Please note that admission to our HIGH VOLTAGE event is only possible with a current and negative quick test or self-test. More information can be found here.

With Aki Takase and Alexander von Schlippenbach on the grand piano, the concert series ELEKTROPOLIS in the SPREEHALLE Berlin shows an exciting tête-à-tête of superlatives.

Rooted in the musical traditions of her native Japan, pianist and composer Aki Takase is one of the most versatile figures in contemporary jazz, whose work ranges from conventional structures and harmonies to outright abstraction. The stylistically versatile avant-gardist was only awarded the German Jazz Prize at the beginning of June 2021 and plays on HIGH VOLTAGE alongside her husband Alexander von Schlippenbach. Known as one of the pioneers of European free jazz, von Schlippenbach provides the sensual abstraction in the duo.

Two of the most distinguished personalities of contemporary jazz meet together at the grand piano and lead their audience through a brilliant ELEKTROPOLIS evening.

The Soundwalk will open on May 15, 2021 at 3 p.m. and can then still be experienced by visitors to the area at any time.

Voice // Emma Wagner

Concept and implementation // Jakob Erek Sen & Holger Kuhla

Video // Nikolaus Götz & Jakob Erlenmeyer

Sound // Karsten Lipp

Thanks to

Industrial Salon Schöneweide; Karl Michael; Documentation Center for NS Forced Labor in Schöneweide; Berlin History Workshop eV

Funded by the Capital Cultural Fund (HKF).

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