The Soundwalk will open on May 15, 2021 at 3 p.m. and can then still be experienced by visitors to the area at any time.

Free entry

The SPREEHALLE Berlin sends you on a short journey through the history, present and future of the former AEG company premises in Oberschöneweide. Discover five points on the site and let yourself be surprised by the perspectives and sounds of an extraordinary place. The Soundwalk 21 carries the energies of a former industrial location into a creative present and confronts you in the five chapters “Schweineöde”; “Rails”; “second-class person”; “Accession”; “New Masters”, with the light, dark and future sides of a still shining ELEKTROPOLIS.

Voice // Emma Wagner

Concept and implementation // Jakob Erek Sen & Holger Kuhla

Video // Nikolaus Götz & Jakob Erlenmeyer

Sound // Karsten Lipp

Thanks to

Industrial Salon Schöneweide; Karl Michael; Documentation Center for NS Forced Labor in Schöneweide; Berlin History Workshop eV

Funded by the Capital Cultural Fund (HKF).

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