Saša Mirković, Marc Sinan Company, Iva Bittova, Lassine Koné, AMET



06/18/2022 // FROM 12:00 p.m



The concert by the exceptional Serbian violist Saša Mirković combines expressive musical power with the highest technical ability. For the solo program he will present numerous new compositions and premieres – including works by Lera Auerbach, Jug K. Markovic and Marc Sinan, and will open the concert series of the PANTOPIA FESTIVAL in the Spreehalle.

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“I EXIST – nach Rajasthan” works together with musicians and artists from Europe and India on a journey to mythical origins and ancient stories that describe the origin of the Rom:nja in Rajasthan. The piece was premiered in 2017 as a collaboration between the Marc Sinan Company and the Dresdner Sinfoniker.

It will be revisited this year, with more modern, electronic sounds and a smaller setup overall, which gives the opportunity to take the piece to different locations.

“I EXIST- nach Rajasthan” is about survival – about the strength that Sinti:zze & Rom:nja survived despite centuries of hostility and the attempt to annihilate them in the Third Reich. An evening with contemporary and traditional Indian music, video and interview excerpts from the joint research trip to India, a complex set of stage and costumes by Damian & Delaine Le Bas, the unique performance by Iva Bittová and excellent traditional Indian musicians.


The Malian singer and multi-instrumentalist Lassine Koné, together with his musical partner Habib Sangaré and the sound artist and guitarist AMET, develops an incomparable concert experience that combines traditional sounds with contemporary sounds and electronics from both continents and seeks a new musical language beyond classical categories and narratives through improvisations.

Djiguiya Orchestra
The orchestra from Bamako, which was only founded in 2019, combines traditional instruments from Mali with European music and thus creates a special transcultural exchange. The singer and Kamale N’Goni player Lassine Koné forms an extraordinary ensemble together with Habib Sangaré on the bolon and the gourd and Joel Diarra, the balafon virtuoso. They gained international recognition with the transcultural, multimedia music performance AM BANG by Marc Sinan and with Kettly Noël.

AMET // see below ⇊


The grand dame of the improvising avant-garde, Iva Bittová, has an immense repertoire of European songs at her disposal, which she learned from her father’s mouth starting in her childhood. Over the years, on her travels, in encounters with others and also with herself, she has collected a very unique, immense polyphony of a Europe that is on the point of losing or reinventing itself. The young radical Anil Eraslan, probably the most exciting improvising cellist of our time, brings a polyphony to the sound together with her.

MORE INFO: Iva Bittová // Anil Eraslan


The crowning glory of the festival day is Djane AMET, which has previously been performed with the Malian musicians Lassine Koné and Habib Sangaré.
Born in Yaoundé and currently based in Berlin, Elsa M’Bala aka AMET is a sound artist who makes live podcasts as a mixture of DJing and live radio shows, where field recordings and interviews are shared live with an audience.
AMET’s musical journey and reflections on race, culture, gender and spirituality challenge preconceptions about how a person’s music should sound based on their origins. Her practice breaks with Western classical music by creating graphic scores that allow her to include semitones, as is common in non-Western music.
Their one-hour set in the Spreehalle gives an insight into their extraordinary work: between Cameroon and Germany, a life between two worlds, a mix of sounds from their African homeland, electronic sounds and spoken word is created.


ab 12:00 // Industriesalon & Soundwalk 21

Ab 12 Uhr können Besucher:innen sich frei über das Gelände bewegen und sowohl Ausstellungsführungen im Industriesalon besuchen, als auch mit dem frei verfügbaren Soundwalk 21 einen spannenden Eindruck des gesamten Geländes bekommen.

16:30 - 17:30 // The People United Will Never Be Defeated - Solos for Viola

Saša Mirković  @SPREEHALLE

18:00 - 19:30 // I EXIST

Marc Sinan Company mit Gästen aus Rajasthan Komposition: Marc Sinan Mit: Raju Bhopa, Iva Bittova, Vladimir Blagojević, Dayam Khan, Meinrad Kneer, Minhye Ko, Saša Mirković, Papamir, Marc Sinan 19:30-20:00 // Artist Talk mit den Künstler:innen von I EXIST @SPREEWIESEMarc Sinan Company mit Gästen aus Rajasthan Komposition: Marc Sinan Mit: Raju Bhopa Iva Bittova, Vladimir Blagojević, Dayam Khan, Meinrad Kneer, Minhye Ko, Saša Mirković, Papamir, Marc Sinan 19:30-20:00 // Artist Talk mit den Künstler:innen von I EXIST @SPREEWIESE

20:00 - 22:00 // Bridging Bamako Berlin

Lassine Koné and Habib Sangaré meet AMET @SPREEHALLE

21:00 - 22:00 // What My Father Sang To Me

Geige und Gesang // Iva Bittová Cello // Anil Eraslan @INDUSTRIESALON

ab 22:00 // A.M.E.T.


The PANTOPIA FESTIVAL is a project of the Marc Sinan Company and YMUSIC, with the kind support of the Industriesalons eV, the Reinbeckhallen, BaseCamp, the Kiosk Schönewelle and the Café Schöneweile as part of the Kultursommerfestival Berlin 2022.

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