OPUS:25 – PARZEN | twists of fate
OPUS:25 – PARZEN | twists of fate​

Promenade concert & sound installation with Kairos Quartet, Olaf Tzschoppe, Andre Bartetzki & Sascha Hahn

25.06.2021 // 19.30​

The transmedia project PARZEN | twists of fate.
The eponymous goddesses of fate of Roman mythology, who spin and also cut the threads of human life, are the inspiration for a program through which symbolic and woven, connecting and separating threads run.
Australian composer Liza Lim takes inspiration from the weaving structure and lets the four voices of the string quartet become threads of a fabric, only one of which is fully audible at a time.
In her work rich in overtones, the Slovenian Larisa Vrhunc uses a second set of slurs wrapped with crochet thread to produce a perforated, staccato-like sound.
The Berlin-based Danish composer Simon Steen-Andersen, known for extremely radical concepts, has developed preparations that completely transform the bow.
For Petros Leivadas’ solo piece Hybris for percussion, sound and video installation are interwoven and the commissioned composition by Oliver Schneller for percussion and string quartet follows the theme in its own unique way.
From this extensive program, the four musicians, together with the drummer Olaf Tzschoppe and the sound and video artists Andre Bartetzki and Sascha Hahn, weave a dense musical network in and around the Spreehalle, which the audience can hardly escape.

12 euros / reduced 8 euro

Tickets can now be booked in our online ticket shop. Remaining tickets are available at the box office.

Kairos Quartet

Olaf Tzschoppe // drums

Andre Bartetzki // sound direction

Sascha Hahn // video installation

Funded by the Deutsche Stiftung Klassenlotterie Berlin.

[…] You don’t ask about your skill: the Fates will show it. […]​

(Ovid, Metamorphoses)

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