NOMO – The Post-Anthropocentric Reactor
HASRETİM – An Anatolian Journey

13.11.2021 // 5.30 p.m.​

12 euros / reduced 8 Euro tickets can now be booked in our online ticket shop. Remaining tickets are available at the box office.​

How does our world sound when it’s not the human being who is listening? Beyond categorizations and hierarchies. NOMO, the extraterrestrial art-subject, lands in the Spreehalle and transforms every noise into new sound structures in a completely neutral way. In dialogue with the audience, Nomo, which is both a digital instrument and an interactive sound archive, constantly develops new compositions.

Mirko Borscht // video art

Oğuz Buyukberber // clarinet

Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir // Harp

Susanne Fröhlich // Flute

Meinrad Kneer // Bass

Marc Sinan // composition, guitar

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