Marc Sinan Company, Stefan Keller, Andreas Fischer, Max Andrzejewski



06/19/2022 // 12:00 p.m.​



An unbelievably complex world of sound, fed by elements of traditional Indian music, contemporary vocal sounds, percussive breathlessness and intensive electronic sounds, awaits the visitors of Persona. After several study trips to India, the composer Stefan Keller has developed considerable skills on the tabla. In his solo works, he created a unique, contemporary sonority from the sound of the tabla, which is rooted in Indian tradition, in connection with live electronics, which he now wants to expand with the infinite range of sounds of the voice. The variety of glissandi, which characterize the special sound of the tabla, is wonderfully complemented by the deep voice. The percussive “spoken” of the tabla can also imitatively develop the voice to the point of virtuoso beat boxing.

Stefan Keller was born in Zurich in 1974 and studied oboe and composition as well as music theory and electroacoustic music in Zurich, Berlin and Paris. He received, among other things, the composition prize of the state capital Stuttgart and the Hanns-Eisler-Prize. The interpreters of his works include: Ensemble Modern, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Ictus Ensemble, KNM Berlin and Zafraan Ensemble.

Andreas Fischer studied singing and music in Stuttgart, Vienna and Tübingen. A central aspect of his work is the examination of new music and music theater. As a member of the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, he took part in countless world premieres, radio productions and CD recordings.


Composed of 4 pieces for 12-piece ensemble, the work is a composed and partly improvised exploration of the overtures of Richard Wagner’s Ring cycle, exploring the artistic remains of a much-vaunted prophet of classical music in a way that perhaps one should: Scrap it, leaving at most fragments.
The ensemble was put together by Andrzejewski from artists from classical music and improvisational music. For the evening in the Spreehalle, Ukrainian musicians who have fled also take part.
The journalist Peter Margasak writes about the music:
“Andrzejewski has creatively repurposed some of the leitmotifs from the four overtures as a starting point for his work, and, he says, even the most devoted Wagnerian would have trouble picking out even a trace of the original overtures in Andrzejewski’s gripping myth. His mixture of composition and improvisation as well as acoustic and electronic sounds are in stark contrast to Wagner’s aesthetics. Instead, he treated his predecessor’s work as a quarry. (…) Undeterred by the Wagner legacy, Andrzejewski boldly flouted convention, unearthing little gems from which to construct his own music. “I’m working on two weird things at the same time, playing drums and writing chamber music,” he explains. “I always try to bring both together.” The seams between different traditions and practices become increasingly invisible in his work, and the possibilities only seem to expand under his assured, feverish creativity.”
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ab 12:00 // Industriesalon & Soundwalk 21

Ab 12 Uhr können Besucher:innen sich frei über das Gelände bewegen und sowohl Ausstellungsführungen im Industriesalon besuchen, als auch mit dem frei verfügbaren Soundwalk 21 einen spannenden Eindruck des gesamten Geländes bekommen.

16:00 - 17:30 // I EXIST

Marc Sinan Company mit Gästen aus Rajasthan Komposition: Marc Sinan Mit: Raju Bhopa, Iva Bittova, Vladimir Blagojević, Dayam Khan, Meinrad Kneer, Minhye Ko, Saša Mirković, Papamir, Marc Sinan 19:30-20:00 // Artist Talk mit den Künstler:innen von I EXIST @SPREEWIESE

17:45 - 18:45 // PERSONA

Komposition, Live-Elektronik, Tabla: Stefan Keller Gesang: Andreas Fischer @ALTES KRAFTWERK

19:00 - 20:00 // MYTHOS

Max Andrzejewski & Ensemble @ALTES KRAFTWERK

The PANTOPIA FESTIVAL is a project of the Marc Sinan Company and YMUSIC, with the kind support of the Industriesalons eV, the Reinbeckhallen, BaseCamp, the Kiosk Schönewelle and the Café Schöneweile as part of the Kultursommerfestival Berlin 2022.

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