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19:00- 20:00

A musical-documentary memorial by the Marc Sinan Company and the Documentation Center Nazi Forced Labor as part of the PANTOPIA FESTIVAL Vol. 03 – New remembering

Forced labor was a central component of the Nazi dictatorship. Between 1938 and 1945, around 13 million people were forced to perform forced labor in the German Reich. In Berlin alone, some 500,000 forced laborers were distributed throughout the city in around 3,000 camps and collective accommodations. At no time did so many people from other countries live in Berlin and have to work under duress.

The project HUMAN COMMODITY commemorates 99 places of forced labor in Berlin with an interactive app and makes the stories of 99 forced laborers audible. In addition to central historical information, musicians present the pieces composed by Marc Sinan. The 99 audio miniatures are representative of all victims of Nazi forced labor and are presented here as a coherent composition in a concert with the Marc Sinan Company.

12,00 € (reduced 8,00 €)
The ticket is a day ticket and is valid for all concerts and events of the festival day.

Oguz Büyükberber – clarinet

Magdalena Cerezo – piano

Daniel Eichholz -drums

Susanne Fröhlich – recorder

Meinrad Kneer – double bass

Sebastian Mirow – Speaker

Marc Sinan – guitar

Antje Weber – Speaker

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