03/17/2022 // 8 p.m

03/18/2022 // 5 p.m

03/18/2022 // 8 p.m

In the unusual form of a theatrical exhibition, “Beide Quellen meines alten Blutes” examines the heartbeat of German-Jewish-Israeli relations. Together with the Jewish actresses Hadar Dimand (IL) and Nadia Migdal (DE/IL), the Jewish author/dramaturg Julie Paucker (CH/DE) embarks on a search for clues: the three artists cast from their present between Germany, Israel and Switzerland a look back at a section of German-Jewish history and German-Jewish biographies. The new cultural center Spreehalle Berlin, which stands on the site of the former AEG, once founded by the Jewish entrepreneur Emil Rathenau and closely linked to the fate of the German Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau, offers historical reference. This look back is deliberately subjective in that it allows one’s own and current German-Jewish “history” to meet the past. How has the relationship between Jews and Germany changed over the generations? And how does an Israeli-Jewish biography differ from a German-Jewish biography today? Why do so many Israelis live in Berlin and how do “we” meet “us” today?

The three artists are accompanied by the Israeli musician Haggai Cohen-Milo and the Israeli filmmaker Daniel Miran, who currently live in Berlin. For the production, Daniel Miran developed an image level from interviews conducted in Berlin and Zurich with Holocaust survivors with German roots, as well as in a (still German-speaking) retirement home in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv.

It is already clear: 2 Jewish women in one room – 3 opinions! ….
3 Jewish women in one room – 5 opinions! … And we are more.

12 euros / reduced 8 euro

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Conception, development, performance // Hadar Dimand, Nadia Migdal, Julie Paucker

Artistic Production Management // Eric Nikodym

Camera // Daniel Miran

Music // Haggai Cohen-Milo

Set and costumes // Damian Hitz

Œuil Exterior // Jonas Knecht

Assistant // Hannah Jahn

Funded by #2021 JLID – Jewish Life in Germany eV with funds from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community and the Performing Arts Fund.

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